Tips to help clothes dry quickly, not smelly when it rains

Tips to help clothes dry quickly

It rains a lot, clothes without sunlight are easily wet and smelly due to mold growth, making many people feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, on rainy days, priority should be given to drying clothes quickly in the following ways.

1. Should use antibacterial laundry detergent

Bacteria can live on many surfaces such as doorknobs, phones and even in clothing. Rainy season, high humidity is the right time for bacteria to grow, causing unpleasant odors to clothes, especially when they are damp.

Detergent or ordinary laundry detergent only works to remove dirt. If not properly antibacterial will increase bacteria accumulation on clothes. This can be harmful to people who are sick or have immune problems. Using an antibacterial washing powder or liquid is essential at this time.

2. Control the amount of clothes in the washing machine

The laundry load indicated on the machine is the maximum amount of dry laundry that the machine can wash in one go. For example, with an 8.5 kg machine, only 8.5 kg of dry clothes are allowed to be washed. However, only 70-85% of the allowed weight of clothes should be given on the machine to improve washing efficiency as well as increase the life of the machine. For example, with a 7 kg washing machine , only 5-6 kg should be washed at a time.

If the machine has too many clothes, the space is tight, the washing water may not penetrate all the dirty clothes. It is possible that the smell of sweat, grease, stains … does not dissolve all, easy to produce bacteria that cause bad odors.

3. Avoid drying clothes close together

Clothes drying close together take a long time to dry. When drying, should maintain a certain distance, should not hang close to each other, to let the wind blow evenly all the hangers, clothes will dry faster.

4. Use an electric fan

If the drying space is not enough, it is not possible to maintain a certain distance for good ventilation, an electric fan should be used. The stronger the wind force, the faster the air moves, and the shorter the drying time with the fan.

Should hang clothes opposite the fan, adjust the wind level just right, enough to dry clothes in the shortest time without falling to the ground.

5. Dome drying method

Whether it rains a lot or not, the Japanese method of “Drying clothes in dome” should be applied. Accordingly, longer clothes and towels are hung at the outermost ends. And the central position hangs short clothes and socks…

Dome-shaped clothes (leftmost hand) will usually dry 30 minutes faster than the other two drying methods.  Photo:

Dome-shaped clothes (leftmost hand) will usually dry 30 minutes faster than the other two drying methods. Photo:

This drying method will make the clothes dry faster than the messy or short outside, long inside. The reason is due to the central location-short drying place-a lot of free space. More wind is drawn to this area, carrying moisture away. Dome drying clothes will dry 30 minutes faster than other drying methods.

6. Half-long half-short drying method

When drying face towels or towels, do not dry them evenly on both sides, it is difficult to dry on wet days. The best way is to dry one long side, one short side, fixed with a hook in the middle to prevent the towel from falling to the ground. The drying speed of the towel will greatly improve.

7. Use old newspaper to absorb moisture

Bad weather has to dry clothes indoors, so put old newspapers under the clothes drying area. Newspapers have good moisture absorption ability, so clothes also dry faster.

Putting old newspaper under clothes drying indoors also makes clothes dry faster.  Photo: sina.

Putting old newspaper under clothes drying indoors also makes clothes dry faster. Photo: sina.

8. Find a suitable drying position in the house

To prevent clothes from creating odors, they must be completely dry within 5 hours after washing is complete.

If it rains, the best place to dry clothes is the bathroom. Due to the narrow space, with a good ventilation and dehumidification system, drying clothes in the bathroom will help clothes dry faster. However, you must ensure that your bathroom is always dry and clean, without unpleasant odors.

9. Hanging a window doesn’t mean it dries quickly

Many people think that clothes drying close to the window will dry faster. However, if drying is too close to the window, the air circulation is not good, and it can even make the clothes “half dry, half wet”.

If you want your clothes to dry quickly, it’s best to place them in a location with good air circulation, be it the center of your living room, office or bathroom. Pay attention to the moisture from top to bottom of clothes. The closer to the ground, the more moisture accumulates, so when drying, you should hang clothes on a high position, avoiding the case that the top is dry but the bottom is still wet.

10. Change the way to dry clothes

Pockets and waistband on jeans are the two places that take the longest to dry. Therefore, when drying jeans, you should turn the pants pocket out. Then hang the jeans upside down so that the water in the bag (if any) is quickly drained out.

In humid weather, it is also difficult for T-shirts or shirts to dry completely. If this situation occurs, the following method of making clothes hangers can be applied:

+ Prepare a plastic bottle and a pair of scissors. Draw two parallel lines on the plastic bottle.

+ Use scissors to cut the marker on the plastic bottle, but do not cut it off.

The hanger has the thickness of a bottle of mineral water, when used as a drying item, it will make clothes dry faster.  Photo: sina

The hanger has the thickness of a bottle of mineral water, when used as a drying item, it will make clothes dry faster. Photo: sina

+ Use two clothes hangers to thread into the two cuts on the plastic bottle, there will be a new clothes hanger with a thickness equal to the thickness of the water bottle.

Hang a t-shirt or shirt on this hanger. The space in the middle of the hanger will make the clothes dry faster.

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