The secret to cleaning and de-staining ceramics is extremely effective at home

cleaning and de staining ceramics

Ceramic cups and bowls used for a long time are easy to yellow and lose their aesthetics. Let Disneyfactor tell you the secret to cleaning ceramics extremely easily and effectively at home!

1.Why are the dishes yellow?

Your porcelain cups and dishes are yellowed because of stains that stick to them and are not washed, which will form yellow stains that look very unsightly for a long time.

In particular, if the dishes contain foods with dark colors such as curry, beetroot soup, turmeric dishes, etc., the stains will stick more tightly and become darker.

Besides, dishes left in shelves , cabinets for a long time will have dead bugs, flies, mosquitoes, … By the time you take it out to use, you will see stains on the sides of the cups. If not handled in time, this stain will be more difficult to clean.

Stains that stick for a long time will cause porcelain dishes to become yellow

Stains that stick for a long time will cause porcelain dishes to become yellow

2.How to clean stains on porcelain at home


In toothpaste contains chemical ingredients that have abrasive, bleaching and foaming effects, so it can help you clean stains on porcelain dishes quickly.

First, dip the tarnished ceramic bowl into a bowl of warm water and  soak it for about 5 minutes . Then, dip a sponge into the toothpaste, rub it on the surface of the product and rinse it off with clean water. Your porcelain dishes and cups will shine again.

Use toothpaste to remove stains on porcelain dishes

Toothpaste removes stains on porcelain dishes very effectively

Vinegar and salt

Vinegar is an acidic substance that helps to clean many different utensils. Salt is also a familiar ingredient to wash away any dirt on food and objects. Therefore, a mixture of vinegar and salt works very well for bleaching and cleaning yellowed dishes.

First, immediately take a little vinegar and salt mixed together, then use a towel to scrub the surface of the stained utensils. After 5 minutes , with a few easy brush strokes, utensils will look as good as new again. Just rinse it off with water and you’re done.  

Use vinegar and salt

Using vinegar and salt is a strong bleaching mixture that cleans yellow stains quickly

Use rice water

Rice water not only removes stains on pots and pans , but also effectively cleans yellow stains on porcelain dishes. Rice water contains rice bran, so it is very useful in bleaching utensils.

You just need to soak the porcelain dishes in the water to wash the rice for 10 minutes , then use a dish sponge or toothbrush to gently scrub the porcelain surface. At this time, the yellow stains will easily come off, returning the shine to your dishes.

Use rice water

Rice water helps to whiten dishes and dishes

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds have antibacterial properties along with microscopic coffee particles that have a frictional effect that effectively removes stains on porcelain. Therefore, you can use coffee grounds as a natural cleaner to clean porcelain dishes!

Take a sufficient amount of coffee grounds, then rub evenly and gently on the surface of ceramic items to be cleaned. Repeat several times until stubborn stains are removed. Finally, rinse thoroughly with water and wipe the object with a soft cloth.

Use coffee grounds

Use coffee grounds to clean stubborn yellow stains very effectively

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