The Problem With Millions Of Feral Cats In Los Angeles

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3 Million Cats Are Living In The Los Angeles Streets & You Probably Didn’t Even Know

Separate from any other type of animal control, feral cats have become a very serious issue in California. The scale of the problem is staggering and experts believe as many as 3 million roam our streets and could soon match the city’s human population of roughly 3.9 million.

The Cat Overpopulation Problem Is Getting Worse, Says The Government

“Cats can have three or four litters a year and each litter can be anywhere from four to eight kittens. It’s just massive,” said Alvarez.

So why are there so many feral cats in Los Angeles? Rescuers say our mild climate and easy access to food make the City of Angels an ideal place for colonies to thrive.

While a handful of volunteers and rescue groups are doing what they can to slow the feral cat population boom, they are also asking city officials to step in.

But what can the city really do?

A lawsuit a decade ago barred Los Angeles from participating in a “Trap-Neuter-Return” program, leaving volunteers to pick up the slack.

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