Simple ways to fix tights in winter

The tights trick makes it easy to look good with this outfit.

How to wear beautiful and lively socks for winter:

The history of the pantyhose

It takes a long journey to see the pantyhose as it is today. Starting from thick socks to wear indoors to socks with underwear and tights. Many sources say that the first pantyhose appeared on store shelves in 1959. It was a “panti-legs” product by Allen Gant.

The idea for the tights came to him while chatting with his wife on an overnight train ride to North Carolina. His wife found it uncomfortable to combine thigh-high socks with women. Therefore, Allen Gant asked his wife to sew the sock into his underwear.

In the 1960s, when miniskirts were crowned, tights also became popular. Models like Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton wore miniskirts and tights that went viral.

There is an interesting difference between classic and modern socks. It all lies in the knitting technique. If in the 1920s, socks would show a seam on the back of the foot, modern socks do not have this. Today’s socks are mostly seamless. Perhaps, the patterns we see with the naked eye are due to hand-stitching or printing on finished socks.

Initially, there were concerns that seamless socks were indecent and disrespectful to those around them. Despite all the doubts, Hanes still exists and when manufacturers also follow the trend of seamless, women’s shyness is completely removed. A new revolution in socks begins… Simultaneously with a revolution in women’s thinking, becoming more liberal and open-minded.

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