Rescue Dog: Cleveland Dog Shot 50 Times with Pellet Gun Recovering

Dog shot 50 times with pellet gun in Cleveland starts road to recovery

Cleveland Dog Shot 50 Times with Pellet Gun Recovering

Dog Shot At Least 50 Times With A Pellet Gun Begins Recovery

Violet the dog, shot 50 times by pellet gun in Cleveland, starts road to recovery thanks to

The pup was saved by the dog rescue organizations 716 Paws Rescue and Paw Patrol Rescue.

Since the shooting, which they believe occurred a few days ago, no one has come forward to claim Violet. After what transpired, doctors say she is fortunate to still be alive.

After her operation, Violet is resting at the Family Animal Hospital of Friendswood.

When 716 Paws Rescue found her in Cleveland, Texas, they saw that she had many pellet wounds that vets think were caused by close-range shooting.

Houston SPCA offering $5,000 reward to find person who tied puppy’s snout and

Dr. Zoo remarked, “People act worse with a stubbed toe than she does with these kinds of things.” I believe she is just extremely appreciative of receiving attention, love, and someone’s trust. ”

The day she was shot and abandoned on the street alone, her faith in humans was destroyed.

She used to kind of duck away when people put their hands close to her face or head, but now she ducks into them for pets, according to Dr. Zoo.

The maltreatment the dog endured was seen in the X-ray scans.

After surgery, a puppy who was discovered to have been mistreated and abandoned is healing, but the Houston SPCA is now looking for the person who hurt him.

The 8-week-old puppy, now known as Sharky, was rescued by a kind person after being found in a parking lot in north Houston near the Gulf Freeway and West Road.

The Houston SPCA says that Sharky was found with his nose tightly wrapped in an elastic hairband. This caused him to have a lot of swelling and a big cut on the bone.

Dr. Rebecca Shipley, the group’s veterinarian, operated on Sharky for three hours to get rid of the hair band. The small Chihuahua mix is now in fantastic health.

The Houston SPCA is offering a prize of $5,000 for information that results in the capture and conviction of the person or people guilty of hurting Sharky.

Texas Penal Code 42.09, which is called “Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals,” says that animal cruelty is a crime that can be punished by a fine and/or jail time set by a judge.

Anyone with information regarding this case should contact 713-869-7722.

Pet Theft Scheme Uncovered By Authorities In Random Stop of Stolen U-Haul

A woman who has harmed other pets and conned people was taken into custody after being identified as a dog transporter after starving dogs were found in The Woodlands.

At about 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, a Montgomery County sheriff’s officer pulled over a stolen U-Haul truck in the 3000 block of College Park.

During the traffic stop, the deputy found many starving and hurt dogs, including one that had what looked like a chemical burn on its back.

Four dogs were discovered in kennels in the cargo area. Along with the two people in the front seats, they also discovered some marijuana in the car’s driver’s compartment, according to Montgomery County Pct. 2 Constable’s Office Sgt. Jason Smith.

Precinct 2 was called to the site on Tuesday to look into animal cruelty allegations in Montgomery County.

One of the dogs, according to Smith, was in reasonable health. One of them was underweight, and the dog with the wounded back was one of the worst examples of animal cruelty he has witnessed in a long time.

Smith stated on Wednesday, “I spoke to the vet, and she believes it might be some form of bacterial infection.” We’re currently awaiting the results of the lab tests so that the veterinarian can determine with certainty what specifically caused (the ailment). ”

The dogs lacked both food and water.

Tiara Alsaid, 26, a resident of Houston, and Richard Anthony, 57, were both taken into custody during the traffic stop.

During the investigation, it was found that many people had complained to the Houston Police Department that Alsaid ran a business that said it would transport dogs across the country but actually sold them.

According to Smith, there have been instances of Alsaid defrauding people around the nation. He said that even though the USDA has given her a license to transport dogs, it has also gotten complaints about what she does.

We have discovered that Ms. Alsaid has a long history of defrauding those connected to her transportation company. “I just received an email from the Austin region, and we’ve discovered victims in Florida, Tennessee, and California,” Smith added. This woman seems to have traveled a lot, so this is nothing new for her.

According to deputies, Alsaid was taken into custody for a number of crimes, including theft, animal abuse, and multiple narcotics warrants from different counties.

Johnson was arrested on a separate charge of having marijuana on his person, but Smith says that charges related to animals may come next.

Dog owners are urged to contact Sgt. Smith at 936-538-3545 if they believe they may be the owners of one of the canines that are now at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter.

Actually, this chick is great. “We’re really pleased with how she’s doing,” Dr. Zoo remarked.

Violet, sadly, is not a unique situation for this veterinarian.

Dr. Zoo says that every week, they get dogs that have been mistreated in some way, like having been shot.

Harley was also saved from Cleveland by Paw Patrol Rescue, even though she had been shot several times.

The costs of treating the injuries are likely to be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

According to Dr. Zoo, some people are merely cruel.

She claimed that because they treat animals like objects rather than as feeling, living, breathing, emotional beings, and because of this, they may be cruel to them.

According to the vet, Violet will need one more surgery and should be fully recovered by mid-December. She will then begin seeking a permanent residence.


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