RESCUE CAT 2022 : Spoof ‘cat butcher’ parks fury among animal lovers


RESCUE CAT : Spoof ‘cat butcher’ parks fury among animal lovers

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NEW Facebook Page Promotes “Premium Quality” Cat Meat. This Is No Joke! Let’s rescue cats

“All our produce is right now filled in Poland and France however we are wanting to begin a neighborhood natural ranch in Malta in the exceptionally not so distant future,” the shop’s most memorable post read. Throughout the rest of the day, the page posted information and pictures about the new butcher in town, allegedly to be set up in Żebbuġ. Alongside a picture of three cute kittens, a description reads: “Did you know that meat tastes better if animals are treated well? Our farmers love and care for our felines to ensure you receive the best quality products.” 311718307 100407586209521 9185171631783469763 nJust before the weekend we started an social experiment to see how people would react if there is a butcher who offers cat meat, and advertised it in the same way as we would usually see it for pigs, cows, chickens and rabbits.The clear objective was to bring forward reactions of outrage at a butcher raising cats and kittens for food, when no outrage happens when the same individuals eat veal, a suckling pig, drink milk or eat products from any other animal

In the latest posts by Cat Gourmet Butcher we were asking for rabbit cages to hold the cats. These are the same cages that many feel ok to leave rabbits in for all their life.
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Another post is about gbejniet made from cat milk. Car Gourmet Butcher explains that as the babies will be killed for production then the milk from pregnant cats can be used for gbejniet. The identical scenario happens with cows who are force impregnated year after year to provide milk, and their babies stolen from them.
Let’s rescue cats.
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Another post talks about kitten meat, similar to veal. A kitten is taken from it’s mother and after a few days it is killed. This is identical to what happens to veal. Or those that a happy to eat a suckling pig. It is in the name suckling, meaning still a baby that is suckling. It has barely been born and it is being killed because it’s flesh is tender. We have become so used to this advertising that we fail to see the barbarity and violence even in these words describing food.
Let’s rescue cats.

311736978 1715029085538588 2916773894486104163 nMany have passed negative comments to Cat Gourmet Butcher for this, even calling it bad taste, yet all the things mentioned are actions that meat eaters accept it they are done on various other animals. For some reason the same torture causes a reaction if upon a cat (or a dog).Ask yourself why?Similarly westerners are appalled at the killing of dogs in China in the Yulin Dog Festival, where dogs are even burnt alive. Yet the chicken industry in Europe is far worse with 7.2 billion chickens slaughtered in the EU alone every year, living in appalling conditions. In other places in the world cows are sacred, yet in the west we kill the abuse the same animal that is venerated by Hindus.

For those who reacted with anger and verbal abuse to Cat gourmet Butcher,
“you should be ashamed of yourself”,
“what the f**k is wrong with you”,

“go and rot in hell devil monster”, This experiment shows you how easy it is to ignore the horror that’s happening in our world, simply because to your brain we are 0 different from other animals. This is why we need to make people aware of speciesism and the plight of farmed animals. veganism is not a diet or a fashion statement but a life saving choice. Let’s rescue cats. What inspired activists to create the page? The ‘feline butcher’ page send off matches with the Malta Meat Free Week Challenge, which is occurring this week. The test urges individuals to quit consuming meat or dairy items for seven days. Creature Freedom Malta extremist Katerina Younes enlightened Seasons of Malta concerning the motivation behind ‘Paws and Tails’. “We expected to cause individuals to understand that the manner in which they had an outlook on these felines is the very way veggie lovers feel about whatever other creatures who are being reared and butchered exclusively for individuals’ taste buds,” she said. She said the page got a “monstrous reaction”, particularly from individuals who recognized themselves as creature darlings, who were vexed and devasted. Younes said she additionally got a few rough dangers. She inquired as to why certain creatures are given names, brought back home and cherished, while others are given a number on their ear and treated as “items”. “Creatures are equivalent and should be dealt with similarly, the main distinction is your discernment.”

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