Learn how to wear a beautiful suit from the 2 daughters-in-law of the British royal family

Here are the top five rules for wearing a suit.

We’ve seen a resurgence of royal style in suits over the past few years, with both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle regularly wearing this casual business outfit. But how do you dress to feel modern and not look like you’re walking into a stuffy office? The proof is in the royal photos, you’ll see right away: Whether you’re getting ready to leave a flight or attending a basketball game, a suit can really be one of your outfits. The most versatile in your wardrobe. Here are five rules for wearing a suit.

1. Monochrome look from head to toe

A monochrome suit is the easiest and most chic one-time wear today. However, the trick to getting it right is that everything should fit together, i.e. bags, shoes, belts. It should be a snug, tonal fit (e.g., Middleton’s shoes and belt are black, not amethyst, which is the color of the suit).

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2. Experiment with Oversized Blazers

Yes, body height helps when you’re experimenting with the length and proportions of a traditional suit, but as long as it fits—meaning that the jacket doesn’t pull or bunch up at your waist or hips. you—it can look sleek and fresh no matter how tall you are. Also, details—such as where the pockets are placed or the length of the pants—are also important to creating the perfect suit, so contact a tailor who can make adjustments if you’re unsure.

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3. Don’t be afraid to mix 

Classic Chanel blazer, tight jeans are proof that you don’t have to own a complete suit to achieve the same effect. In fact, here’s what makes this look stand out: A more textured and embellished blazer will draw attention, while a pair of black denim pants with a fitted silhouette will look great. perfect.

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4. Think beyond the traditional

For example, Markle’s single button-down to the side provides an eye-catching twist from what’s typically seen in suits (such as a single or double button design). You can also try an asymmetrical or belted look (which Markle also experimented with). The suit itself is traditional, but when choosing a suit, don’t be afraid to color outside the line.

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5. When in doubt, don’t know what to wear, a white tee is always appropriate

It’s a great way to dress casually, but a white t-shirt or tank top — like the one you already have in your closet — is also an easy way to break up the color. from head to toe to create a slightly more formal feel but still look sophisticated and smart. 

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