How long has Disney concealed the identity of a mermaid, hiding behind a demon?


Disney’s The Little Mermaid isn’t a sweet story about love at first sight, instead Ariel is a mythical, nightmare-inducing creature?

Disney seems to be well known for its love at first sight plots, but one theory suggests something even more mysterious in The Little Mermaid : Ariel is a swashbuckler. Sirens are creatures from Greek mythology who attracted near-death sailors with their “gifted” voices. Rumors from the past and present have confirmed that no one can resist the voice of the Siren and the sailors’ ships crashing into the island, the reef where the Sirens live. 

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Is Disney’s mermaid really Siren?

While the Sirens were originally described as a group of half-human, half-bird species. Over time, however, mythology evolved the story of Siren to become a mermaid – this is the more widely known variant. The Little Mermaid is also not the only mythical character to appear in Disney . Because Hercules also had a movie in Disney before, and many speculated that Hercules and Siren were cousins. 

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Before that Hercules was also a Greek mythological character brought into Disney

The Little Mermaid is an iconic Disney film based on the 1837 Danish fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. The soundtrack and story of  The Little Mermaid are loved by many fans. The plot of  The Little Mermaid  is simple: a mermaid princess named Ariel (voiced by Jodie Benson) falls in love with Prince Eric (voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes) as Eric sails through Ariel’s kingdom.

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Poster phim The Little Mermaid

Ariel saves Eric from drowning, singing when Eric wakes up and the two fall in love. Ariel trades her voice for a witch named Ursula for a pair of legs. Although this “semi-voice scheme” backfired at first and Ariel turned into a sponge.

But in the end, Ariel and Eric live happily ever after. The Disney movie changes the plot of the original fairy tale, in which the mermaid died. However, the theory of the Greek mythological character – Siren has brought the dark side of this fairy tale to light. 

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Princess Ariel traded her voice for her legs 

According to one theory, the plot of The Little Mermaid proved the mermaid Ariel was a lover. Perhaps the film’s most iconic scene is Ariel sitting on a rock, singing to Eric – much like the Siren myths passed down orally from man. After this scene, Eric became obsessed with finding Ariel.

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Ariel used her voice to attract Eric 

Maybe Eric heard Ariel’s “traditional Siren” song and felt the urge to go see Ariel. After Ariel trades her voice, Eric doesn’t believe that Ariel was the one who saved him from death. When the witch Ursula appeared soon after with Ariel’s voice, Eric seemed to be as mesmerized as he was hearing Ariel sing. Not only does this indicate that the voice is what is bewitching Eric, but the witch Ursula is also aware of Ariel’s mysterious powers.

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May the love between Ariel and Eric be a beautiful love 

Besides, it seems Ariel’s underwater kingdom has a real hatred for humans. Ariel’s father – King Tritan is often angry with Ariel for interacting with the human world. Even when Ariel discovers a sunken ship, Ariel once said, ” Isn’t it wonderful? ” This  suggests that Ariel may be interested in locations of human tragedy. Ariel goes to those locations in search of leftover items, which may indicate that Ariel enjoys collecting “trophies” from human deaths.

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But it’s a love that trades too much 

The Disney Renaissance changed princesses, making princesses seem like they were worse, leaving young girls like Ariel obsessed with finding a husband for themselves. The desire to be with Eric made Ariel willing to give up her voice, and this was really a mistake that was modeled into real life stories. 

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And Ariel accidentally became a lover 

Disney has always tried to keep its image so clean that official Disney princesses are usually not magical. The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson is about unrequited love and ends with the tragic death of the protagonist. It’s entirely possible that Disney decided to put a bit of darkness into The Little Mermaid . Perhaps The Little Mermaid is not about the love between two people from two different worlds, but about a murderer who falls in love and loses himself.

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