Dog Delivers Sweetest Greeting Ever For Her Elderly Friend

Dog Delivers Sweetest Greeting Ever For Her Elderly Friend

Dog Delivers Sweetest Greeting Ever For Her Elderly Friend

A dog and her elderly friend, who needed a little bit of help from this caring dog. The dog was so sweet that she decided to sit on the lawn every morning waiting for her friend to arrive so they can brighten up each other’s day.

Dog Delivers Sweetest

Two Friends Meet Up Every Morning And Brighten Each Other’s Day…

Richard is an eleven-year-old boy who lives in the neighborhood with his father and sister. He enjoys going for walks in the mornings to see Maisy, his Golden Retriever. The reason for this is that Maisy is such a special dog — she loves to give kisses, even when Richard comes down from his house and ambles across the street.

“Meet Richard,” Mas captioned his TikTok post. “Every morning he walks the block around my house and says hello to Maisy and me. His name is Richard and he is a nice guy who likes to give us kisses. He reminds us how lucky we are every single day!”


Meet Maisy – The Dog Who Waits For Her Friend Every Morning


Maisy is a dog that waits for her friend every morning. The two dogs have met at the same site almost every day for six months. Since their fur never touches, the two do not know each other at all until one of them approaches the other, who then knows how to greet him.

Maisy occasionally gave Richard gifts, such as unique leaves or sticks she found.

Maisy and Richard were always seen together. They walked around the park for hours, meeting each other every morning. And since they met each other several times in a day, it’s natural that they get to know each other better with time.

Mas did not specify when or how Maisie and Richard first connected. It didn’t really matter, though. What was important was the bond that had been blossoming and growing between them every morning that they saw one another.

One of the viewers speculated that they must have been pals in a previous life. Because of how unique and inexplicable their relationship and connection are, they must be

Richard, who at his age may have fewer family members and acquaintances who are still alive today, finds it to be especially special. Meeting Maisy on his walks is a terrific motivation to get out of bed in the morning, because living in a retirement home is not always ideal.


A terrific incentive to get out of bed in the morning is to have Maisy to look forward to, anxious to see you and be your buddy.

On this particular day, Maisy rose from the grass and waited for Richard to approach before making her way to the pavement to meet her best human buddy.

From head to toe, Richard rubs Maisy, who enjoys it.

They are only interested in showing each other affection. 
Furthermore, even on days when Maisy is not feeling well and moves a little more slowly, she still turns up for her pal, who might miss her.

But on one occasion, they arrived at the lawn a little later than usual and missed Richard going for his daily walk.

But it’s alright. The following day, as they were out and about, they ran into Richard, who allowed Maisy to receive her daily rubs.

Do you want to observe the greeting between Richard and Maisy? See the video down below.

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