Meet the Cat Who Goes on Daily Adventures With Her Owners


Meet the Disabled Cat Who Goes on Daily Adventures With Her Owners : ‘She loves splashing in the waves

The rescue cat is living her best life (Picture: Mercury Press)

Hanny the Bengal Cat Defies Disabilities and Hilariously Shows Just How Much Fun You Can

Almost her entire life, Hanny has been paralyzed. When she was just a few hours old, another cat bit her spine, preventing her from using her rear legs.

But that hasn’t stopped the eight-month-old from enjoying life to the fullest, with her owners taking her on daily adventures and devising ingenious ways to keep her mobile and comfortable.

Sarah, a warehouse operative, said: ‘My partner and I got Hanny as a rescue, and knew she’d need a lot of help and care, but still can’t believe how strong she is.

‘We decided to get her a custom wheelchair to help her run freely, but she’s not really a fan.

‘So, we decided to just repurpose a bit of material into a sling that she could put her legs in, to see if that would work.

‘She took to it straight away, and it works as both an aid for her and sort of harness for us, so she doesn’t scoot away on her front paws without us knowing.

‘She doesn’t find it restricting and is super comfortable when she’s in it.’

Hanny the disabled cat goes on daily adventures with her owners. Her owners say she has “amazing balance” and they even created a video to show how amazing it is.

Hanny goes everywhere with the couple, from caves and a nearby lake to shopping and petting zoos.

They say the beach is the cat’s favorite place, so they take her there all the time.

Sarah said: ‘We go to the beach a couple of times a week, and when we’re not at the beach, we’re walking through the woods or at the local park.

‘Hanny adores the beach, and she just loves to sit and wiggle in the sand.

‘I’ve found she loves to drag us onto awkward terrain.

‘She always starts running towards the sea as soon as her feet touch the sand, and she has quite a strong pull for such a small animal.

‘She’s an unusual cat because she enjoys splashing around in the waves as they crash against the shore and is always eager to explore the rock pools and tiny caves, trying to squeeze into them.

‘One of her favourite things to do is jump through the sludge from when the tide goes out and leaves the sand looking like mud, so she always requires a bath when we get home.

‘The beach has really given her a new lease of life. Watching her tackle the different terrains and sand, you can see how determined she is and how much freedom the sling gives her.

‘She’s getting stronger every day too.’

The intrepid explorer (Picture: Mercury Press)

Sociable Hanny has even become something of a local celebrity.

Sarah said: ‘We always get people stopping us to take pictures with her and say how cute she looks.

‘We took her to a vehicle boot deal one evening and we were there for quite a long time simply conversing with individuals about her.

‘We’ll occasionally get a few people who are shocked she’s a cat and not a dog because of how active and playful she is.’

The rescue cat is living her best life

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