Over 100 Cats Rescued From Lansing Park

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Over 100 Cats Rescued From Lansing Park

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(Cats Rescued) LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The Capital Area Humane Society Set To Shelter more than 100 Cats

The Capital Area Humane Society: More than 40 cats have been trapped in recent weeks
– Would like to get the numbers down to a manageable amount.
– Unsure what will happen if the cats just keep reproducing.
– The Humane Society of Clinton County is looking for homes for some of the cats.
– The humane society hopes to cut down on the high number of feral cats at Mill Pond Village.

Mill Pond Village has a large free-roaming population of cats and kittens, and after the humane society cared for more than 45 felines, the shelter decided to take further action.


All in all I think this is really a community service because it will help to control the cat population in the area and make sure that these animals have a safe place to stay. By being so involved with the animal population in the area, CAHS helps to prevent animal cruelty or neglect by making sure that the animals are fed and given love and care that they deserve. And for those who aren’t able to keep an animal due to their landlord not allowing animals, these cats get another chance at life instead of being euthanized by animal shelters.

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Rescue cat more than you can

I suggest that you start a campaign to get your local shelter to promote these programs, and save cats from being put down. You can also post signs around in your community, asking for people to adopt cats from the shelter instead of buying them from pet stores. If we, as animal lovers, truly want to help the situation of homeless animals, we will support shelters in adopting and promoting good programs to save unwanted animals from being killed.

Those felines who already have a home or do not qualify for adoption will be taken back to Mill Pond Village.

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